Asafo Drawings

“Thumbnails of Fante Men,” is an exploration of Asafo Flags of the Fante people of Ghana. I am Fante, therefore undertaking this study is a way of honoring my ancestors and the Fante people. It also serves to inspire and nourish the urge necessary for the renewal of my creativity and development as an artist. 

This portfolio is the results of a meticulous process of recreating selected Asafo flags in colored pencils on pieces of canvas (3in x 5in) that was recycled from a collaborative painting by members of the Backspace artists collective. My focus was to identify and appreciate the application of the formal elements and principles of design in each flag’s design.

Below are my 55 drawings and the original flags. These flags glorify power and victory, and depict historical events and scenes of everyday life.

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