Artist’s Statement / Bio



I create from a fundamental desire to express my feelings through visible designs that employ both spiritual impressions and factual symbols of things that I am drawn to in my daily encounters.

In my creative process I try to be more innovative, intuitive and spontaneous than technical. However, no sign is arbitrary, no color is applied by chance, and no image is fanciful. They are all real forms of a certain reality. The traditional art forms I use are no exception.




Nana Ekow Maison grew up in Ghana, which is on the west coast of Africa. He is a member of the Fante tribe in the Central region of Ghana, a tribe known worldwide for the creation of the Asafo flags. He received his Bachelor’s degree in painting from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana; and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Art Studies (painting and printmaking) from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois. In Ghana, he also received cultural education serving as an apprentice to a traditional relief wood carver. This variety of educational experiences has given him a broader outlook on life as a whole. The Western education has been well balanced with the informal education of Ghana’s rich culture. These greatly influence his artwork.

Early in his childhood, Maison developed a deep appreciation for nature, native art forms, color, and the effect of light on color. Maison’s artwork remain true to his African nature, creating from a fundamental desire to convey his thoughts and feelings through visible formats that employ both spiritual impressions and realistic symbols of things in his daily encounters. His artwork is multi-layered with various principal shapes in a well defined pictorial space that is expressed with the weaving of color in an obsessive urge similar to pointillism.

Maison is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and multicultural experiences as an artist. His extensive resumé highlights his experience in solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, as an art instructor/faculty, gallery director and his involvement in lectures at various campuses across the nation. He teaches part-time at Bradley University and is a senior instructor at the Peoria Riverfront museum.